The Production Pocketknife


The Production Pocketknife LLC is an Emmy® Award Winning, full service film & video production company located in Lehigh Valley, PA that provides not only the highest level of quality in video production, but strategically focuses on the single most important factor of any film or video...story

Let's face today's market place, everyone struggles to find that key component that will set them apart from the rest of the pack. Persuasion is the key to any business. Why is persuasion so difficult, and what can you do to get people's attention?

Make an impact with a compelling story.

With a well told story, you kill two birds with one stone, by providing valuable information while captivating your viewers emotions at the same time.


Hook someone with an idea that packs enough emotional punch to be memorable and your customers will be chanting your name  instead of yawning and looking the other way.


The Production Pocketknife


Jeff Hartney

"The Production Pocketknife"

I'm known as the “Production Pocketknife,” in that I am multifaceted in all phases of film production. With over fifteen years of experience, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most successful firms and non-profits producing live shows, feature films, commercials, documentaries and marketing and advertising content. With a focus on increasing brand awareness and profitability through the power of storytelling.